You and Me Forever by Francis Chan and Lisa Chan

I have a few books on marriage in my library and I have only read one partially. My wife and I read went through part of a book when we were doing pre-marriage counseling together with our pastor. We liked the conversations the book started, but we also thought the book was a little silly and a bit self-righteous.

Given the respect I have for Francis Chan, when I saw he and his wife had written a book on marriage, I knew I had to pick it up.

I thought this was a good book. The book’s description states it bluntly, “Marriage is great, but it’s not forever.” The heart of the book is reminding the reader that we are created for eternity and marriage is only here for this life. The theme of the book: remember to look at Christ independently and together and your marriage will be better.

I do not think any good book could give practical advice to married couples, only theoretical or theological answers. Practical answers in marriage, I think, are very situational.

If you are thinking about giving this book to a pair of newlyweds, I think it would be great for them.