Why College Matters to God by Rick Ostrander

“The difference between a Christian university and other institutions of higher education is this: A Christian college weaves a Christian worldview into the entire fabric of the institution, including academic life.”

Why does Christian higher education exist? What’s does an education centered on Christ offer? This is the question Why College Matters to God answers.

Written specifically for students (and their parents), Ostrander breaks down the mission and history of Christian higher education while detailing the doctrines of creation, sin, and redemption. A Christian education is not about attaching a Christian worldview to every academic field, it is about putting students on path towards discovering a dynamic Christ-centered perspective.

This short work is simple and to the point. This would make a good gift for someone interested in pursuing a Christian education.

“Higher education develops our ability to glorify God by enjoying his creation in all of its variety and depth.”