White Rage by Carol Anderson

It’s tough to read books like this one.

It’s tough to read books like this one because it is written so well. It’s difficult to read because it requires someone like me to look at the mirror and see my values.

Growing up I was gifted a fantastic education. With that education, I was inundated with heavy doses of patriotism and national pride. We are the United States. We are the good guys. We defeated tyranny. We always win. We are the city on the hill.

And then you pull back the layers.

Some layers are obvious. Some are hidden. But the layers are there. America has a lot of layers. America is beautiful but it has a very imperfect history.

When people look in the mirror, they only want to see good things. Or at the very least, see the things they can control or fix. Obviously, we cannot undo the sins of yesterday. But acknowledging sin is the first step.

This book illustrates in graphic detail the history of white rage. Racism didn’t end with the civil war. Racism didn’t end with constitutional amendments, civil rights acts, or the termination of Jim Crow. Like a virus, racism continues to spread when we fail to recognize it and actively stop it.

I truly believe our country wants to move past racism, but it cannot move forward without acknowledging the ways racism has existed and still exists today.

This is an excellent book. I think it would be a great book for someone who wants to learn more about the history of racism and white rage in this country.

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