When God Laughs with Us by David L. McKenna

If you work in Christian higher education, you need to know the name David McKenna. He is one of the most significant persons in the history of Christian higher education. He led three respected Christian institutions as well as created the Christian College Constorium. But on top of all his incredible accolades and honors, David McKenna is a great yet humble man.

When I started working in higher education, my professors and colleagues encouraged me to find a mentor. This is easier said than done. Finding a president or vice president to mentor you can be rather difficult. First, they are very busy and finding a good chunk of time for mentoring is not easy. Second, if you look for one at your own institution you are going to be labeled a brownnoser. Third, it may be hard to find the right fit.

Luckily, great leaders like David McKenna write short works about leadership that I can learn from and share with others.

This is an incredible book about the funny life of a leader, particularly a Christian college president.