What If? by Randall Munroe

I am a regular visitor to I do not remember when or how I found the site, but I became a fan almost immediately. In the past I have tried to describe the website. It is extremely nerdy but very approachable. It is amusing with an edge. It is smart yet simple. It is definitely more than just jokes but a sharp satire on the information age. Well sort of. There just is not a simple definition.

What If? by Randall Munroe continues the smart, indescribable humor of his website. Munroe answers interesting hypothetical questions proposed by his readers. Some questions are crazily absurd (see: if someone’s DNA suddenly vanished), while some are fascinating to think about (see: What would happen if the Earth and terrestrial objects suddenly stopped spinning…).

Randall Munroe is smart dude. He has a degree in physics and he has worked for NASA. I am sure there is some scientist out there that would reject some of the physics in this book. This book is not a guide to physics. It is an entertaining book that gets me energized about learning science, and any book that does that is remarkable.