What Every Body is Saying by Joe Navarro

Let’s make this clear from the start: there is no action or word that positively identifies someone as lying. Shifting in your seat. Fidgeting your hands. Touching your nose. Looking up and to the left. None of these actions are indicating you are lying.

However, body language can communicate a lot.

Navarro is a former FBI special agent that specialized in nonverbal communication. In this book, he takes you through the entire human body – toe to head – explaining what certain movements may signify. Someone’s movements can express discomfort. Maybe they are discomforted by the question, or the evidence against them, or they simply need to use the restroom. Knowing what to look for can aid you in your communication.

Obviously, an investigation is a great situation to examine body language but this is something you can use every day. Is the person you are talking to happy? Do they want to leave? Do they feel anxious or threatened?

We all say a lot without using words, but we fail to listen with our eyes successfully.

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