We Don't Need Roads by Caseen Gaines

The Back to the Future Trilogy is timeless. The stories are simple yet the storytelling is incredibly innovative. I grew up watching BTTF over and over again on VHS until those tapes wore out. When the internet came around, I downloaded the scripts and looked up all the fun facts.

Any fan of BTTF, probably already knows quite a lot about the trilogy. They know the hurdles the Bob Z and Bob G had to overcome, they know about Eric Stoltz, they know about the long nights put in by Michael J. Fox during filming. In this book, you get a real, in depth look into these factoids and stories you have heard about over years.

There is very little new information for the average fan, but you get a well-researched account in writing. I most enjoyed the interviews with minor characters like the “Save the clock tower” lady and Marvin Berry and the Star-lighters.

The majority of the book covers the first movie’s development and filming, and then it kind of breezes through Part II and Part III. It would have been fun to hear more about how these ideas developed.

All in all, a really fun read.

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