Walking with God through Pain and Suffering by Timothy Keller

“Nothing is more important than to learn how to maintain a life of purpose in the midst of painful adversity.”

There is no complete explanation of suffering that would satisfy me.

It is impossible to devise a theological explanation that would reassure me.

I like this book a lot because it makes that very clear from the beginning.

Keller is a great communicator. He lays out arguments properly, making sure he covers almost every angle. He almost does it to a fault. Many times I thought he was using 8 words when only 4 would do, thus to say his books get a little drawn out.

If you are looking for detailed discussion on suffering from differing Christian viewpoints, I think you will like this book. I greatly appreciated Keller’s inclusion of perspectives outside the American-individualistic button.

Not all his arguments are solid (i.e. secularism must be wrong because its answer isn’t desirable or we are like newborns asking an adult for answer) but in the end I think Keller does a great job addressing the issue of suffering. You could spend our dissecting Scriptures to create a robust, theological, academic response but that answer would never satisfy the innate, emotional, anger that we have all tasted at some point in our lives.

“It is one thing to believe in God but it is quite another thing to trust God.”