Vindicated by Jose Canseco

I am definitely not hesitant to give a book a bad review, however I am very reluctant to suggest someone should totally skip a book just because I disagreed with the author or found the material to be boring or irrelevant.

Having said that, you should skip Vindicated by Jose Canseco.

The overt Steroid Era of Major League Baseball is a very interesting subject. I was a young boy during this era and like most young boys my age baseball players were my heroes. So to look back on this era and see how much of the game was influenced by illegal steroids and other performance enhancing drugs is sort of like watching my entire childhood vanish.

I read Juiced by Canseco and I was pretty impressed. Though I think Canseco is rather egotistical and delusional. I did feel like he was being honest about the corrupt the world of professional baseball. After reading a few more exposés on steroids, I turned back to Canseco’s newest book to hear his response.

What I got was rehash of old material: a summary of his first book, transcripts of his testimony before Congress, a copy of some speech he gave to some school in Florida, a play-by-play of a couple of voluntary lie detector tests, and excerpts of the Mitchell report. The only “new” material from the book consists of Canseco petting his ego and justifying why we left out damning material from his first book. Too many times he describes some conspiracy yet he states that he is not suggesting it.

I simply cannot recommend this book, unless you get it for free. There are only a dozen pages of new material and even those pages are just Canseco being ridiculous.

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