View From the Top by D. Michael Lindsay

“Leadership is not handed down, and there is not one right path to make it to the top.”

College presidents have an extremely unique role. They must run the academy while being the top donor relations person, the lead representative to the community, and voice for the future. They also need to manage a campus filled with medical teams, counselors, safety officers, janitors, and landscapers. A Christian college president has an incomparable experience, as they must succeed in all the former duties listed they need to be the chief spiritual director for all faculty, staff and students. I relish any opportunity to read a book by Christian college president, especially on leadership.

D. Michael Lindsay is the president of Gordon College, a Christian college just north of Boston, Massachusetts, and in his book View from the Top, Dr. Lindsay summarizes the result from a decade long leadership study that covers over 500 influential leaders.

Each chapter in the book is a summary of an idea followed by numerous responses and examples from leaders ranging from non-profit CEOs to difference makers in the halls of the White House and Congress. It was incredibly interesting to hear all these experiences and stories, in fact my one complaint is the overload of stories. I would have love to dig deeper into the experiences of these amazing leaders.

I will definitely keep this book on my shelf in my office and look at it periodically to inspire through the difficult times of leadership.

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