Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell

Rob Bell is a polarizing figure in Christian literature. You either love his style of thinking and writing or you find him to be the pretentious leader of the Christian hipsters. This is the first work I read from Rob Bell. At the time I appreciated his unique style of writing and his criticism of modern Christianity.

“Central to the Christian experience is the art of questioning God.” You are allowed to question God, to question your pastors, in fact God would prefer honest questions than blind faith. Jesus questions the religious establishment more than anyone else in the Gospels.

However, God wants us to love everyone. “To treat people differently based on who believes what is to fail to respect the image of God in everyone.” Our job is to simply pursue God.

I like what Rob Bell tries to do here in this book. I am not a fan of style, but I am a bit more traditional. I think you should probably give this book a chance without a set bias.