Understanding Gender Dysphoria by Mark A. Yarhouse

If you are interested in reading this book then I can assume that gender dysphoria has impacted you in some way either personally or professionally. However, if you are interested in this book I know that gender dysphoria has impacted you spiritually.

Historically, Christians do not work well in uncertainty. We like to be the ones with all the answers, and when we cannot find a straightforward passage in the Bible to answer our difficult questions, our self-righteousness tends to dictate our response.

Understanding Gender Dysphoria is a simple introduction to transgender issues for a Christian perspective. Typically, when I find a book written for a Christian perspective, it means the book is a guide on how to fight or defend against something. This is not that book.

Dr. Yarhouse first gives a professional summary of gender dysphoria and related issues such as cross-dressing, transsexuality, genderfluidity, genderqueer and so on. He does not try to throw in any damning judgement or religious opinions. He simply gives the reader a basic psychological understanding.

The real of heart of the book is how Christians should respond to gender dysphoria. “Christians can do more than just avoid being culturally reactive. We can be proactive. We can listen to the person who experiences gender dysphoria. We can come alongside them and remain in a sustained relationship even when things are unclear for us or when we do not know what to say.”

This book is a huge step in the right direction. We cannot stand on the side and keep spouting our verses to support our preconceived notions. Whether you are completely steadfast in your ideals or totally open, Yarhouse implores us to be humble and continue building relationships.