Undeniable by Bill Nye

I went to a Christian school and a Christian college. Though I would say most of my teachers were Creationists, I was taught real science and evolution was treated as the scientifically accepted theory even if my teachers disagreed with it. True, I have been fed a lot of falsehoods concerning evolution’s supposed shortcomings. I have seen the ridiculous video on the internet that tries to disprove evolution simply using a soda can and banana peel. I have had heard on numerous occasions Creationists misusing the laws of thermodynamics to negate evolution. Having said all that, whenever I hear an argument between a Creationist and Evolutionist, the theory of evolution always wins.


Because the theory of evolution is based on observable, scientific studies. If something is invalidated by new discoveries, the theory adapts. Scientists are humbled to the method.

Creationists, on the other hand, simply say an intelligent being put everything together and that’s the end of the debate. Any scientific discovery that fits their model (unlikely) is praised while any discovery that challenges their model (very likely) has to be refuted adamantly. There is simply no room for humility or open-mindedness in the Creationist community.

Bill Nye would agree with that. In his book, he simply lays out a simple guide to evolution. Though he does mention religion, I think he is very strategic in addressing Creationists, he does not broadly label Christians or any specific religion as being dumb or anti-intellectual.

I am sure an ardent Creationist would disagree with me.

So where does that put me? I am a Bible-believing Christian that believes in science. I believe God gave me a brain, I ought to use it. If our reasonable brains develop a theory of evolution, I don’t see the harm. Can you live in a world between creationism and evolution? Sure. It may be lonely but it’s not wrong. I can live in a space where questions are allowed. Can science explain everything, even the meaning of life? Can I accept the flood story when dinosaur fossils exist? Can I accept the grace of Jesus while still accepting the idea that organisms can evolve? Why is God so obsessed with beetles?

This is a great book. Perhaps when you read it, you will become enraged, but disagreements and proving each other wrong is not the point. In the last paragraph of the book, Bill Nye said it best, “I feel strongly that having a scientifically literate populace is in everyone’s best interest.”