unChristian by David Kinnaman

“What will we do to address the unChristian perception of our faith?”

The Christian faith is not well-accepted among the general population, and it has sort of always been that way. That should be expected from a religion founded on the narrative of somebody getting openly murdered for his teachings. Christians are warned throughout the New Testament that their faith will be subject to persecution and suffering. Christians should never be surprised with disapproval.

But what do we do when non-Christians detest Christians more than the Christian faith? What is our response when unbelievers like Christ but despise Christians?

The book unChristian sets out to understand how non-Christians or – how they are referred to in the book – “outsiders” perceive Christians today. With tons of research conducted by The Barna Group, “outsiders” identify six characteristics of modern Christians: hypocritical, saved-focused, antihomosexual, sheltered, political, and judgmental.

I really appreciate the work done in this book. Over the past few decades, well-meaning Christians have worked tirelessly to keep Christian culture relevant in America. Unfortunately, instead of serving the poor, loving the needy, or helping the downtrodden, many Christians have focused on Washington. They have become power hungry, thinking this is the only way to make change. This has led to a myriad of problems, a nation that has no direction.

Author David Kinnaman is not trying to make Christianity popular, nor is he trying to give the faith a public relations assessment. He is simply trying to show us how we have screwed up, how our message has been either oversimplified overcomplicated.

The Church is like a hospital, it’s for healing the sick, weak, and needy. Of course there will always be real Christians causing real problems in the Church. We must approach it all with God-honoring humility. unChristian shows us where to start.