Traveling Light by Max Lucado

We are not designed to carry a heavy load. So why do we try often to be strong by ourselves? We are designed to have God in control. When we put anything else in charge, we fail miserably. 

Having a plan is part of life. There is nothing wrong with having plan. It is the smart thing to do. God gave you a brain, use it, but use it wisely. Worrying and stressing out are not uplifting activities. Anxious minds lead us to unwanted thoughts and distrust. The Psalms are full of passages about trust in the Lord. Psalm 23 says that God leads, prepares guides, anoints, and loves. God is in control, thus we should not worry. 

“Meet today’s problems with today’s strength.” In this book, Max Lucado leads us through the many burdens all face every day. Each burden is a symptom of our fear. We fear what we do not know. We fear we are not strong enough, yet we fear even more what will happen if God had total control. 

Remind ourselves of God’s promises is essential to our faith. The Lord has promised us an easy yoke. His commands are not burdensome; in fact they lead to a joyful life. God is always seeking us, He has been seeking us since the Garden of Eden. 

“In God’s plan every life is long enough and every death is timely. And though you and I might wish for a longer life, God knows better.”

This is a great book that reminds us of God's joyful love.