Torn by Justin Lee

“Christians are not bad people. They’re good people. Many of them have just been misinformed on this issue.”

You could have easily categorized me as a misinformed, misdirected Christian. I grew up in a relatively conservative Christian environment. I was fed a lot of deception about gay and lesbians. I have been involved in a lot of debates concerning gay lifestyles and whether being gay is a choice or not. I have heard a vast array of arguments from both sides, and just like Justin Lee, none of these arguments are satisfying. Every argument for or against seemed incomplete to me.

Justin Lee grew up in a solid Christian home with great parents, amazing friends, and strong church. However, there is one reality Justin could not shake; he was attracted to men and not women. He struggled constantly. What he believed and what he felt were polar opposites. He tried nearly everything but nothing worked. Unfortunately, most of his Christian friends did not greet him with simple compassion, they met him with Bible verses and condemnation. It is heartbreaking to read.

What I love most about Justin’s story is his heart for Christians. He would probably say he was a Christian before he knew he was gay. He saw Christians as nice people who loved each other. He didn’t see them as a faceless mob protesting gays.

Justin offers some great advice. One, we need compassion and grace. The life of Jesus is filled with grace towards others, especially the ones deemed outcasts by the social elites. Two, we need to educate Christians. Many Christians honestly believe they are doing the right thing by sharing Bibles verses of damnation because they do not want their gay friend to be separate from God’s love. However, if Christians spent more time listening and learning from others they can create a relationship with others and love people the way God loves people.

If you are looking for an argument for or against gay and lesbians, you are not going to find it here. Justin admits that he does not even know what to believe theologically, however he does acknowledge that the entire narrative of the Scripture is to love like God loves. It is difficult to damn someone you love.

“In the Bible, Truth and Love are two sides of the same coin. You can’t have one without the other.”