The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

“The world – much as we want it – does not accord with our intuition.”

We live in a pretty complex world. To understand it we need our complex brains to solve complex problems. Things are simply not that simple.

What is the difference between a single person wearing a new style and a fashion epidemic? What is the difference between a standard children’s show and the venerable Sesame Street? The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell is the study of epidemics.

Epidemics are paradigm shifting events. Though they change the landscape, epidemics are usually caused by very small, almost imperceptible, circumstances.

According to Gladwell, there are three rules of epidemics. The Law of the Few dictates that it only takes only a handful of people – the correct people – to launch an epidemic. The Stickiness Factor focuses on to make a message most effective. And the Power of Context maintains that the conditions need to be right to create that epidemic movement. Malcolm Gladwell spends half the book describing his three rules of epidemics and the other half providing a few case studies.

This book was incredibly interesting and entertaining. The room I read the more I wanted to read. I seriously did not want to put the book down.

This genre of book – social psychology or just pulling back the curtain on life itself – is easily becoming one of my new favorites.