The Shack by William Paul Young

I know I am a little late to the craze, but my wife read this book several years ago and once we got married and combined our books, she has been imploring me to read The Shack.

I really had no expectations going into the book. I have seen the book around for many years. I know the book deals with religious themes and is famous/infamous in Christian circles depending on your view of the book. Other than that I did not know about the story inside the pages.

Though I could definitely see where the book can draw some controversy, in the end I think the book is very interesting and very real. William Paul Young tries his best to give the reader a real sense of pain, emotion, and authenticity that we find in faith. C.S. Lewis uses a fantasy world to portray attributes of God. Billy Graham gives us numerous bullet points to each divine characteristic. The Shack provides a story with a captivating human element.

I think it is a great book. It will not answer all your questions about God and in some way it might even confuse you.  It is a simple fictional story that is meant to stir your heart and soul, not some statement of doctrine.