The Body by Bill Bryson

Going into college, I was planning on being a physical therapist. So my first year, I powered through a bunch of general education courses. When my second rolled around, I was hyped to start my major courses. That semester I took chemistry and human anatomy.

Now, when I took these courses in high school, I breezed through them. I found the courses interesting and challenging enough. I was excited for the college-level courses. Fast forward to the end of that semester. I stared at my computer screen in bewilderment. I had a C- in chemistry and a D in human anatomy. This wasn’t good.

Long story short, six years later I graduated with my master’s degree in counseling and student development, nothing to do with chemistry or human anatomy.

Nevertheless, I find the human body to be a fascinating complex structure. Our bodies are extremely resilient yet the slightest imbalance can have a catastrophic impact. In the past century, we have learned so much about the human body, yet there is still so much we don’t know.

Bill Bryson is the great explainer. He gives you history. He gives you unique stories. He gives you inspiration. Perhaps, if I had a professor like Bill Bryson then I would have been a physical therapist.

Probably not though.

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