Superfreaknomics by Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner

“It is a fact of life that people love to complain, particularly about how terrible the modern world is compared with the past. They are nearly always wrong.”

Levitt and Dubner follow up their New York Times Bestseller Freakonomics with another in depth look into the hidden world of everything. Aptly titled Superfreakonomics, we discover the truth about being a woman, life and death, reality of altruism, cheap fixes, global warming, and numerous other interesting facts.

Superfreakonomics is very quick read. It totals just over 200 pages and each page throws a new, interesting fact at you. Like most sequels, it doesn’t quite reach the magic found in its predecessor, however the day Levitt and Dubner pop out another Freakonomics book, I will be sure to buy a copy.