Stuff Matters by Mark Miodownik

After reading a couple of emotionally demanding books, it was fun to pick up Stuff Matters and read such a light and well-written book.

I really enjoy these types of books: learning the fascinating history and interesting journeys behind life’s most seemingly mundane and insignificant objects.

In this book, Miodownik takes a rather ordinary photograph of himself sitting on the roof of his building. From this photo, he identifies all the materials we interact with on a daily basis. He dives into their history. Some materials are obscure yet seemingly everywhere.

You will learn about the power of concrete, the importance of paper, the delicacy of chocolate, the applications of foam, and show much more.

You walk away with a Ph.D. in material science, but you should leave with a better appreciation of the world you live in. This is a very fun read.

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