StrengthsQuest by Donald Clifton, Chip Anderson, with Laurie A. Schriener

I was introduced to StrengthsQuest at the start of my freshman year of college. From the beginning, I was extremely skeptical. I assumed this book and its accompanying assessment would be like all the others: what I do well and what I need to improve on.

StrengthsQuest is different. It really does focus on what you do well and how to use your strengths to their utmost potential. I began to see that my thoughts and behavior were actually very unique. Other self-assessments would always compare me to others, while StrengthsQuest would emphasize how I am set apart and better.

I encourage any working higher education, faculty and staff alike, to read and use this book. I strongly recommend working with a team of people through StrengthsQuest. And whatever you do, do not purchase a used copy of this book because the code that is associated with the book is good for one use.

Also, if you are looking for an inexpensive option, you may go to the StrengthsQuest website. You can purchase a code and the entire book is online once you register your code.

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