Stop Me If You've Heard This by Jim Holt

I am always intrigued by what makes me laugh. Laughter as a concept is very peculiar. Why do we react in a certain way when we find something funny?

When I saw this title online, I thought it would be a very interesting plunge into the complexities of the joke. What is a joke? Where do jokes come from? What makes a joke funny? And other thought-provoking questions.

Unfortunately this book didn’t really charm me. Besides a few good one-liners mentioned as examples, the book is rather stale and boring. The book is only 164 pages, definitely too short to approach the subject. Additionally the book’s margins take up nearly half the page and is littered with somewhat random pictures that are neither funny or informative.

I understand there will probably never be a comprehensive book about the theory of humor, but this work doesn't even come close