Sticky Faith by Kara E. Powell & Chap Clark

“How we interacted with a homeless person, for instance, will probably make a more indelible impression on our kids' faith than the size of the check we wrote to our church that week.”

It’s a story we have heard all too often. A good kid grows up in the church, reads his Bible regularly, is heavily involved in the youth group, he knows the Lord’s Prayer like the back of his hand, yet he goes off to college and his faith goes out the window. He no longer goes to church, no desire to do devotions, no interest in pursuing a deep faith. And the numbers don’t lie: the majority of young men and women will abandon their faith soon in the young adulthood.

Sticky Faith attempts to find the solution. What makes faith stick? The authors go through a mound of research to expose what works and what doesn’t work. They balance out their research with practical tips for parents and youth group leaders.

I have read a handful of books and articles about “keeping the faith” but I was really impressed with this work. In my opinion, Christians tend to regularly shy away from research probably because research rarely gives us the news we want to hear. So instead believers utilize vague clichés and formulas such as “let the Holy Spirit work” or “just pray and the results will follow.” In this work, the authors use their resources from Fuller Seminary to show how we can help young men and women form a faith that is deep, true, and enduring.