Spark by Jason Jaggard

“Risks that seem small are the ones that can change you forever.”

When I first picked up this book I did not expect good things. From reading the back cover, I was expecting another cheesy self-help book with interspersed Christian themes. But what I actually got was something totally different, I got a very interesting coherent book about the role of risk is our lives.

Jason Jaggard is the founder and CEO of the company Spark Good which helps individuals find their potential by finding a risk he/she can take every week that will make them a better person or make the world a better place. Jaggard’s aptly named book Spark dives into the world of risky business: how it changes us, why it changes us, and what it changes in us.

I really enjoyed this book. Jaggard is able to connect to the reader very easily. His writing style is simple yet deep. He is kind of a Rob Bell mixed with Phillip Yancey.

This book really challenges me. The three bullet points of Christianity “faith, love, hope” have become wall decorations instead of the attitudes of our heart. Jaggard attempts to challenge our mediocrity by adopting the unadulterated words “risk, compassion, and optimism.” Risk is faith in the unknown. Compassion is love for others. And optimism is hope for the better.

I definitely recommend Spark to anyone feeling bored or unmotivated in their faith. Spark may provide fuel to the fire you are looking for.

“We can’t control what we get out of life; we can control what we put into it.”

The books was provided to me as part of the "Blogging for Books" program by WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing. "This program was designed for one purpose: Give out free books to bloggers in exchange for an honest review." 

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