The Social Animal by David Brooks

What makes us human? You can answer that question biologically or you can answer it spiritually, but no matter how you answer, it is undeniable that humans are social creatures and their anthropological tendencies are what really set them apart from animals.

The Social Animal by David Brooks is a quick exploration of human nature. The book is littered with references to thorough studies, careful research, and detailed observations about the human condition. We have learned so much about human behavior in just the past couple of centuries, yet at the same time it is incredible how much we still do not understand.

In the work, Brooks follows a few fictional characters – mainly Harold and Erica. As he discusses their life journeys he incorporates related research. At times, Brooks would get so deep into describing the research and other topics, you frankly forget where the characters are. This happened so often, I wish Brooks would have abandoned the characters and simply continued unloading the interesting facts and research.

I enjoyed this book. Brooks cites a lot which just makes me want to read more. The book felt longer than it needed to be.

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