Smart Faith by J.P. Moreland & Mark Matlock

“To mature in our faith we need to develop our minds."

Preparing young, Christian high school seniors or recent graduates for the foreboding realm of higher education is a rather popular genre. Smart Faith is another volume in this genre.

I have read a several books like this one, and I am never really satisfied with their content. I don’t think it is really the fault of the authors, but the fault of my own unrealistic expectations. The question “What is the one thing a young Christian needs to know before going to college?” is rather ambitious and probably unresolvable.

Having said all that, Smart Faith is a decent book. It is short and to the point with not a lot of fluff or filler which is prevalent in the Christian-college-student-preparedness genre. The book is divided into two parts. Part One simply argues that we need to use our minds; faith is central to a Christian but that doesn’t mean stupidity is. Part two felt unnecessary to me. Part Two spends its time detailing the fine points to debate, how not to fall victim to common anti-Christian arguments, how to keep your Bible study, etc. There is not much in Part Two that I wholly disagree with, however I felt like the content wasn't helpful to me and wouldn’t be helpful to a young student.