The Signal and the Noise by Nate Silver

This is easily one of the most interesting books I have read all year.

Nate Silver has received a lot of attention lately for his predictions.  He has amazed the masses starting in 2002 when he developed the baseball sabermetric system PECOTA to the 2012 elections where he predicted correctly ever major result except two (North Dakota and Montana). He has this amazing ability to gather data, describe it clearly, and forecast accurately while remaining relevant , light-hearted, and downright funny at times.

I could go over all the interesting details, facts, and anecdotes in the book, but nothing I can mention will do the book justice. I honestly wish this man was my statistics professor in college. I definitely would have considered a career in forecasting – would have been the only way I could work in the MLB.

This book is a bit long but Silver is meticulous in his research and making sure his facts are clear and accurate. If you are not interested in the stock market, poker, chess, or weather then you can easily skip a chapter, however each chapter does build on the previous one.

This is definite favorite for all nerds out there.