The Shift by Russell Carleton

If I could do college all over again, I would probably study economics and then try to get a job on a Major League Baseball team.

I was fairly certain when I left high school that I did not have the talent to make it professional baseball. I was a decent catcher and a good hitter in a small school in a small league. So my first attempt to stay in baseball was through the medical field. Long story short, I did not do so well in my human anatomy classes and I changed majors. I didn’t see another path to baseball so went another direction.

I have been a fan of sabermetrics since I first read Moneyball. The blend of baseball and statistics is so intriguing. I have read numerous books on baseball and numbers, however, I find fantasy baseball extremely dull.

This book could possibly be the best book I have read on advanced statistics in baseball. Carleton breaks it down very simply; why some numbers work, how they work, and how they don’t work. He doesn’t lose the human element of baseball while explaining Runs Expected and Wins Above Replacement.

This is a great read.