Shadow of the Almighty by Elisabeth Eliot

“The men for whom Jim Elliot had prayed for six years killed him and his four companions.”

You kind of forget that he was a real person. His life and passion were so intense that it is easy to think of Jim Elliot as spiritual caricature instead of a real human being. It is difficult to relate with someone who has such amazing faith. What I consider normal, Jim considers boring. What I consider terrifying, Jim considers it as gifts from the Lord.

The Shadow of Almighty is the closest thing to an autobiography we will ever get from the legendary Jim Elliot. His wife Elisabeth assembled his words from his diary and letters to friends, family, and future wife to create the great narrative of Jim Elliot’s life.

Jim is the embodiment of faith. Though time and time again, Jim ran into trials, tribulations, sufferings, and a mission that ultimately led to his death, he always glorified God.

Though the subject is fascinating, the read is a bit awkward as the letters and entries written by Jim Elliot were intended for a specific person under a certain circumstance. Though Elisabeth does a decent job providing context, it is difficult to follow the Eliot’s story.