Sent by Hilary Alan

A simple story about a big leap of faith.

From time to time there may be a national debate on the role of religion in society but rarely does a young Christian male feel physically endangered for his beliefs. There are numerous churches and charities across the country helping the needy. Additionally, there is a strong, stable infrastructure available to every citizen. All in all, Christians are comfortable in America.

However, this sense of comfort has created a new type of Christian. A morally-strong yet faith-weak Christian. Rarely do our actions match what we profess. We believe in God’s grace yet do everything possible to avoid a homeless person.

Hilary Alan shares her story of faith. Her husband and two kids decided to ditch the so-called American dream for something much bigger, a calling from God. They sold their meaningless possessions and set up home on the other side of the globe. Many challenges came their way, especially in America.

It is a very inspiring story. While reading it, I kept forgetting that what I was reading was real and not some fictional tale. Though the stories can come off a little cliché, her story is very interesting and definitely worth the quick read.

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