Searching for God Knows What by Donald Miller

Not a lot of books surprise me anymore; I am rarely surprised by a book. Searching for God Knows What astounded me. Donald Miller makes me laugh until my side hurts, yet he also makes me think about things for days on end. In this book, Miller takes us on the journey of spirituality. Now "spirituality" is one of those words that scare Christians because it seems too vague and untraditional, but every human being is spiritual. Spirituality is simply our relationship with God.

Relationships are not formulas. Typically, we go to church and the pastor gives us a message accompanied with three or five (rarely an even number) of bullet points that direct us in our walk with God. Over time this leaves many of us disenchanted with God because we no longer have a relationship with Him, we only have a formula.

"The essence of Christ's ministry was to display the worth of humanity, all stemming from God's love for them." Jesus loves us; that is all we need to know. We do not need to search for any bullet points about God; all we need to do is recognize His infinite love for us.

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