Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

We have all done it. We have all looked up in the night sky and wondered. The sky is so big yet we are so small. What is our place in all this? How we fit into all of this?

Sapiens is a very interesting look into our past. Homo Sapiens were once just another animal on this big blue marble. We were completely insignificant when compared to lions or mammoths. But over time, our minds developed, our tools changed and over just a few thousand years now dominate the world (to a devastating effect).

There were three huge revolutions that dominated the human timeline. The Cognitive Revolution denotes when our brains started to surpass our animal counterparts and human cousins like the Neanderthals. The Agricultural Revolution changed our relationship with food. In many ways, this new diet harmed us but it gave us the ability to reproduce in large numbers. Finally, the Scientific Revolution marks our quest for objective knowledge.

This is an incredible book. I have only one problem: the book is long but it didn’t dive deep enough. It could have easily been three separate books and been even more interesting.