Sandy Koufax: A Lefty's Legacy by Jane Leavy

Whether you are a Dodger fan or not, Sandy Koufax is an indisputable baseball legend. There are mythical tales that merely describe his wind up.

Before the days of universal baseball coverage and ballplayers watching endless hours of tape, the myth of a pitcher’s curve or batter’s swing frightening. Everyone in the ballpark would stop to watch, not knowing if they would ever see something so magical again.

We may never have players like Koufax ever again thanks to visual media. Today we can replay every mistake and error a player makes. Unlike days past, when folks would only reminiscence about the time Koufax threw so hard that umpire couldn’t see the baseball.

Sandy Koufax: A Lefty’s Legacy is less about Mr. Sanford Koufax but more about the impact he had on the nation during his amazing yet short lived pitching dominance. The first half of the book is rather slow as the author tries to pin together several narratives at once. The odd chapters are a combination of Koufax’s life, the country he grew up in, and the individual stories. The even chapters recount Koufax’s fourth no-hitter in September 1965. The book is much like the Kevin Costner movie For Love of the Game, which premiered years before this book’s publication.

The second half of the book picks up rather nicely. The intensity of the no-hitter gets interesting and the author begins to focus more on Koufax the person starting with the historical joint holdout with fellow Dodger pitcher Don Drysdale.

This book is well-researched and obviously it is written by a fan. The style of writing was not my favorite but I did enjoy the book and I enjoyed learning more about the reclusive lefty.

Go Dodgers!