Salvaged by Roy Goble

“A willingness to step into the contradiction and messiness of leadership.”

I have read my fair share of leadership books, and most of them are rather forgettable. In those books, the authors give you generic inspirational clichés about inspiration and maybe an amusing anecdote or two. These books are forgettable because they seem to lack authenticity or any basis in reality. Leadership traits and values work really well in a vacuum, but the hustle and bustle of everyday life, theoretical leadership has no traction.

Roy Goble is not interested in theoretical leadership. He only wants to talk about tried and true leadership. He wants to talk about leadership that works not only in the boardroom but in the bowels of the junkyard.

This is a fantastic book on leadership. It does not try to candy coat anything. It is real and authentic. Being a leader is rewarding but it is also exhausting and tiring. Leading is not for the faint of heart. Every chapter includes a great lesson on leadership, one Goble has learned from experience. He caps off each chapter with a tie in from Scripture which at times feel like a sudden sharp turn but I definitely appreciate his focus on the true essence of serving within leadership.

Here are a few more gems:

“Sometimes boring isn’t just good – it’s essential.”

“Hire for character because competency can be taught.”

“Don’t be afraid to go your own way, even if everyone thinks you’re crazy.”