The Sacred Romance by John Eldredge and Brent Curtis

“Our heart is the key to the Christian life.”

Far too often we are more concerned about the little details rather than the grand story. We are in a sacred romance with God. He is not worried about little rules and regulations, He wants our hearts. He wants a deep relationship with us. We constantly fail to recognize this about our Lord. We either foolishly try to find God’s favor or we abandon it all giving into the false notion that we will never be fit for God.

God is not just the author of creation, He is the main character, and we are the love interests. “The Sacred Romance is not something to be managed, but to be lived.”

This book is the first foray for John Eldredge. Though years later he would write the very popular work Wild at Heart, Sacred Romance is significantly more beautiful and impressive. The theme of every book written by Eldredge can be found in Sacred Romance, thus once you have read this book you have pretty much read any book John Eldredge has ever written.