Rooted by Banning Liebscher

I went to a Christian school. I attended church. I went to a Christian college and majored in theology. I currently work at a different Christian college and I have read my fair share of Christian books concerning spiritual growth. I have drowned in Christian living books. Most of them are good, they are inspiring and theologically sound. Some are ridiculous but those are few and far between. My biggest complaint is boredom. It is difficult to find a Christian book that is exceptional. Unfortunately, Rooted is another un-exceptional work.

Nothing in the book is bad. In fact, I enjoyed the message of the book but after the first chapter I found myself bored. It felt like a great sermon stretched needlessly to 200+ pages.

Having said that, the book’s message is good. We need to be rooted in God before we can even think about producing fruit. In a culture of now, we want to see results immediately, but with an eternal God, the results need to be greater than what we can comprehend.

I would recommend this book to the young, volatile believer who needs to learn patience and persistence.