Rickles' Book: A Memoir by Don Rickles

I am a huge fan of comedians. Comedians are the best at showing us our flaws both personally and culturally. We must learn to laugh at ourselves. The moment we start taking ourselves too seriously, we become exceedingly dangerous to ourselves. 

Don Rickles is the ultimate comedian. He may not have invented insult comedy, but he sure perfected it. He is a man with a golden heart and very mean jokes. No one comedian could get away with his jokes, but then again there is no comedian like Don Rickles.

If you want to know the history of Hollywood, read the life of Don Rickles. His career started in the early 1950’s. He was the only comedian with the chutzpah to mock and ridicule the legendary mean-tempered Frank Sinatra to his face. Actually Sinatra and Rickles were very close friends, frequently their families would go on vacations together. His closest friend however is none other than Bob Newhart, a celebrated comedian in his own right. 

If you love comedy and the history of comedy, then the life of Rickles is for you - and you will probably laugh until your gut hurts.