Renewing Minds by David Dockery

Working and studying about Christian Higher Education, David Dockery’s name has come up a few times. So I was eager to finally read one of his books and hear from him the wisdom of his years.

I was disappointed in this book not because I feel the material was incorrect, but a bit misleading. I do believe in much of what he said but that is because I am a Christ follower. I did not expect him to spend chapters on what Christians believe and how they differ from other religions, I was hoping for an intelligent argument and exploration of Christian higher education and how it unique in the higher education system (Also, the argument that American higher education historically used to all be Christian is not an acceptable defense).

Again I am a big believer in Christian higher education and the integration of faith and learning, however if you took this book’s title and replaced the phrase “Christian higher education” with a phrase like “the Christian community” or the “Church family,” no one would probably notice.

Not a bad book, just not the book I expected based on the description and title.