Ready Set Grow by Scott Wilson

What does it take to make things grow?

What does it take to make a church grow? What does it take to make a church grow strong and healthy?

Ready, Set, Grow by Scott Wilson is one story of how a pastor’s journey to take his church from good to great. I appreciate that Wilson looked for multiple resources to grow his church. I value his commitment towards professional excellence in his church. However, I could not shake a feeling of arrogance from Wilson.

As I read the book I simple continued to feel strange, until I finally realized that I would not want to be on his team. I am a big believer in being a constant student of leadership, management, and spiritual growth, but it seemed that Wilson was more interested in testing the commitment of his team instead of real growth. He seemed more interested in seeing his team accomplish the challenge than actually challenging his team to learn.

Perhaps someone stuck in a church-building rut will enjoy this book, but it wasn’t the one for me.