Quiet Influence by Jennifer Kahnweiler

Another volume in the introverted movement, Quiet Influence by Jennifer Kahnweiler is a brief but practical guide

As I do more and more research on introverts (and myself), I have noticed that introverts tend to be an impatient bunch. We like to get to the point, avoiding fluff and other nonessentials. In this mindset, Quiet Influence is the perfect book. It gets straight to the point. It presents six strengths found of “Quiet Influencers” and their accompanied weaknesses.

Having said that, I still think Quiet by Susan Cain is the premier work on introverts followed by The Introvert Advantageby Marti Olsen Laney. However, those books are a bit long and drawn out. If you want quick, simple, straightforward guide, then this is the book for you.