The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

Upon finishing high school, I was given The Purpose Driven Life as a graduation gift. At the time I had never heard of Rick Warren and the craze that was following this book. It was until a few months later that I realized that this book was a best-seller around the world. 

There are two things I really appreciate about this book. First, Rick Warren challenges you as the reader to read the book over a 40-day span. He actually wants you to chew on the words, think about them, work through them. He does not want you to simply skim over the chapters, pick out the main points and move on. Citing how 40 days is used throughout the entire Bible, he solidifies his argument pretty quickly. 

Second thing I really appreciate about Warren’s popular work is the first line of the first chapter: “It’s not about you.” To me, nothing summarizes the Christian life more than those words. It is not about me and it’s not about you. It is about God. God is your purpose.

Interesting enough, the rest of the book does feel a bit like a self-help manual with Christian themes. All in all, what you want to take from the book is what you will get. It is definitely not life changing but I think it offers great reminders of what is important and what is trivial.