A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn

History class is one of those things I didn’t pay a lot of attention to during my school years. Sure, I found history interesting, but it was a required subject/class so it didn’t spark my imagination. History was just an objective culmination of dates, events, and people. As I got older, I began to appreciate history more. I began to see how certain events were not inevitable and that History is a great narrative of our society. And then my mind exploded when I began to realize that History has many narratives, even on the same event.

Who gets to write history? That’s an important question. I grew up learning about the Founding Fathers but I never learned how everyday people viewed the American Revolution. I know about the Civil War but I never learned about opponents of the war. We all look at the World Wars as a unifying era in an American history, but I never learned why so many people opposed the war in Europe.

History is a very interesting subject. It has many different perspectives and facets. It is good to learn history from every viewpoint, from the top and the bottom. This is a very interesting book. Anyone who has a slight interest in history will love this book.