People to be Loved by Preston Sprinkle

Sexuality is a complicated issue in Christianity. It does not matter if you are discussing heterosexuality or same-sex attraction, it seems like Christians have a difficult time discussing sexuality in any form. I have read plenty of books and articles by Christian authors and non-Christian authors alike. I have read plenty of items that support affirming views of same-sex attraction and of course, I have seen a lot of literature that maintains non-affirming views. I have read purely scientific viewpoints, spiritual viewpoints, and even some works that do a mixture of both.

People to be Loved by Preston Sprinkle is a different kind of book. Yes, it addresses the issue of same-sex attraction. Yes, it does choose a side. Yes, it does provoke criticisms and praises. But it does it all with an aroma of humility that you rarely find today.

Sprinkle does a thorough job presenting his viewpoint. It is intelligent, well-researched, and perfectly cited. I know many people will read this book and adamantly disagree with Sprinkle, but the great thing is Sprinkle invites the differences with humility. He understands that he is only one man, and that his future research may lead him somewhere else in the future, but at this time he holds one viewpoint.

This is what makes his book refreshing; it is not an indictment on Christians who think differently or a damnation towards others. It is a call to deep thinking, but more importantly, it is a call to deeper love. No matter where you fall on the side of the debate, loving other is not up for debate. Jesus did not put any condition on His love, nor should you.

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