Paddle Your Own Canoe by Nick Offerman

Like most people, I was first introduced to Nick Offerman through his Parks & Rec character Ron Swanson. Over time, I learned more about the actor through different television interviews and hilarious internet videos.

Before I read this book, I knew only a few things about Offerman. Mostly, I knew he was an actor, married to an actress, and that we was a proud woodworker. I find entertainers with unrelated passions very intriguing. It’s not everyday you see someone passionate about the fine arts covered in sawdust.

If you think Ron Swanson is your soulmate, then you would probably hate Nick Offerman. Yes, Offerman and Swanson do share an affinity towards red meat, working with your hands, and being out in nature, but there are more differences than similarities.

Offerman is definitely a great humorist and entity unto himself. I liked this book. His comments and his opinions keep the book moving. His stories about his Chicago acting days were interesting but kind of boring to me, but then again, I don’t really care about the acting scene in Chicago. We have differing worldviews on some subjects, but, that is okay. I can disagree with somethings and still find the book great.