Ozzie's School of Management by Rick Morrissey

Over the last few decades, the role of a major league manager has diminished significantly. With the explosion of player salaries and the use of statistics, managers have simply become a utensil for the general manager and his team of number crunchers.

Ozzie Guillen is an old school manager in the new school of Major League Baseball. He goes with his gut. He curses at anyone and anything. He upsets his players, his owners, his fans, and mostly himself. He values hard work and not much else. He knows baseball is mostly about money, championship rings, and absolutely nothing else.

Author Rick Morrissey, a Chicago Sun-Times columnist who followed the manager’s notorious career in the south side of Chicago, writes a semi-heart-warming testimony and memorial to the boisterous Ozzie. The book is mostly composed of Ozzie’s bleeped filled pre- and post-game interviews that made him famous. Anyone who has closely followed the White Sox over the past decade will not find any surprises since most of Ozzie’s outlandish quotes have already been published.

Ozzie Guillen is from a dying tribe of baseball managers. It is refreshing to see a manager rule with passion and love instead of numbers and graphs.