Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

I am not a genius, and it is not my fault. That is pretty much what you will get out of this tremendously interesting and thought-provoking book.

The premise of this book is pretty simple: to reveal the truth behind the notions of intelligence, fame, and success. The American dream has always told us that our success is directly related to our work ethic. As long as you work harder than the competition, you will win. But if you dig just under the surface, you will find is nowhere near true.

In Outliers you will see how you birthdate can make you a better athlete, how your 10,000 hours can make you an expert, how timing is absolutely everything, how culture-sensitivity can mean life or death, and how IQ is simply nonsense.

To say it simply, this book was just a fun read. I enjoyed stories and the numbers, and I loved seeing how such little things can affect the big picture.

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