Origin Story by David Christian

I like a good origin story. I like seeing where characters come from, what motivates them, and where they are going. Origin stories can be a bit tedious and formulaic, but nothing beats a good origin story.

But what about the quintessential origin story? Where did everything come from?

At first pass, the big bang theory sounds absurd. The existence of the entire universe was once compacted into a space smaller than an atom? I have a difficult enough time getting a tent packed away.

But just because I do not understand something, it does not mean it is not real. Science does not care about my opinions, beliefs, or feelings. A speck to this crazy, large seemingly infinite universe. It’s fascinating, and it’s not a guess. Theories, formulas, equations, simulations, etc. have put it all in perspective. Maybe in a few years, new discoveries will change our thinking. But that’s what is great about science, the truth is the only goal.

I love books like Origin Story because it amazes me what our puny, little human brains have discovered. Real, solid scientific principles have only been around for a few decades, yet we have learned so much about the universe and our beginnings. What will we learn in the next hundred years?

I loved this book. It is interesting, engaging, and fun.

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