One.Life by Scot McKnight

“How can I discern the lord’s will for my life?”

This is a question we all have; especially young men and women finishing high school or college. Our theology constantly reiterates that God is in control and that He has a master plan for this world and He has a special plan for you. You would think that such control would impart assurance, instead we wallow in uncertainty.

What if I get it wrong? I get a maximum of 100 years on this earth, what happens if I choose the wrong vocation, the wrong spouse, the wrong church? We want to be fully immersed into God’s plan, but what is God’s plan?

I picked up this book from a friend’s shelf. It looked like an interesting book, another volume in the “God’s Plan” genre. Professor Scot McKnight guides us through our life and its various aspects: love, justice, peace, sex, vocation, etc. But most importantly, he helps us define how following Jesus should impact our life. I was really impressed how McKnight walked me through the Christian faith in an innovative way. It was almost like I was listening to the good news for the first time. Follow Jesus is not about following rules but embracing a life of love.

This is a great book for a college student looking to find his or her own faith.

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