Nolan Ryan by Rob Goldman

By the time I was born, Nolan Ryan was already the strikeout leader. When I finally became a little leaguer, Nolan Ryan was nearing the sunset of his career, but to me he was this domineering legend. He was gruff, 40+ year Texan that could still throw the high heat. He was easily my favorite (non-Dodger) player.

Nolan Ryan’s career has been very polarizing. You either think he is the greatest of all time or you think he is one of the most overrated pitchers. But the one thing you cannot deny is his numbers: 7 no-hitters, 12 one-hitters, 18 two-hitters, and of course, 5714 career strikeouts. Any way you slice them, those are dominant numbers.

Yes, Ryan came from a different era of baseball. In fact, you can say Ryan pitched in multiple eras seeing that he pitched in four different decades.

But with good comes the bad, he leads with 2795 walks, 277 wild pitches, and he was never honored with the Cy Young Award.

All that said, if you love baseball and love the legend that is Nolan Ryan, you will love this book. The book, like Ryan, is not fancy. It does not try to do anything but share the story of Lynn Nolan Ryan, Jr.

And, he named his son Reid, so that’s a plus in my book.